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I had couple of broken tiles in the foyer in my shop, something that was very unattractive for my customers. My shop open early in the morning and close at late hours so I wasn't sure if I would find someone who could fix the tiles. Thank you Tile Cleaners Brisbane®, I appreciate that you agreed to come and fix my problem after hours. I will keep in touch in case I need your help in the future..

William Goodman, Doncaster

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Brisbane Granite Honing

Granite restoration requires specialized skills and equipment. Our experienced technicians will solve most granite problems in your home or business

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How We Can Help

Tile Cleaners Brisbane® remove dull areas from your granite surfaces creating beautiful matte and velvety smooth finishes with little or no gloss more suited to casual, comfortable environments compared with more highly polished surfaces.

Our technicians skilfully hone, polish and restore your granite, marble, sandstone, limestone and travertine as well as maintain all other natural stone, engineered stone, tile & grout floors and surfaces.

polished granite tile floor in bathroom black with one white tile

Imagine your water-stained or chipped granite restored to its original, elegant state!

Tile Cleaners Brisbane® repair cracks and chips in granite countertops and restore dull granite floors and surfaces

Call 1300 771 201 or use the online enquiry form at the top of the page

More and more households and businesses are having their natural surfaces honed, the process by which a shiny or polished granite surface is carefully customised into a beautifully smooth, low sheen matte finish leaving your surfaces elegant and in a beautiful natural state.

Honing is achieved by polishing the surface with an abrasive wheel or pad, but not enough to create the glossiness of a typical polished tile. Honing creates a look that is low key and not too overwhelming as some people may find with highly polished, glossy granite surfaces.

Granite is a very hard stone, but with proper equipment can be honed and polished to reveal the brand new surface beneath!

Granite delivers breathtakingly beautyunmatched by synthetic materials and an extremely high level of durability. Granite is used in multiple roles around the house from flooring, stair treads and countertops to wall coverings and beautiful sinks and basins.

Tile Cleaners Brisbane® specialise in all aspects of granite maintenance, from cleaning and polishing to full surface restoration.Tile Cleaners Brisbane® can return even the most tired looking floors back to life! You don't need to replace your natural stone when it becomes dull-looking, damaged and dirty.

granite tile black galaxy

Cleaning Granite

If you have never had your granite surfaces professionally cleaned before and they are beginning to appear worn or discoloured, or perhaps your old sealer is wearing off and you want your tiles cleaned and protected, Tile Cleaners Brisbane® will make a noticeable difference, leaving you more than satisfied with the final result as your granite regains its fresh natural character.

You can rest assured your surfaces will continue looking great for many years to come with our long-term protection, leaving your granite easier to maintain.

Give us a call and allow us to take care of everything, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service can assist you with your questions and bookings.

Regular Care

Once spills occur on the surface of your granite, wipe them away immediately.

You shouldn’t use regular soap as it can seep through the surface and potentially darken the area, instead use mild abrasive household detergent. After mopping, dry the surface with a cotton towel to remove any remaining moisture and prevent water spots.

A surface with a matte or honed finish needs to be as a rule, periodically cleaned and re-sealed by a professional and should be sealed using a deep penetrating, impregnating sealer which avoids staining, reduces the effect of soiling and results in regular cleaning becoming easier.

deepshield gold generic granite

Australian made non-toxic Deepshield® GOLD sealer is specially designed for very dense stone types such as granite, marble and bluestone. Deepshield creates a barrier between the pores of your stone and potential stains.

deepshield gold breathe granite

Commercial Honing

Tile Cleaners Brisbane® provide premium honing, grinding and polishing services to all residential and commercial properties. We are equipped to restore factory and hotel finishes for granite, bluestone, marble, travertine and limestone surfaces with our experienced technicians and state-of-the-art equipment producing excellent results, every time.

Commercial spaces such as shopping centres, apartment blocks and hotels frequently experience dullness and damage in areas with high traffic. The best results in restoring the floors back uniform appearance throughout is often achieved by honing, grinding and polishing.

Tile Cleaners Brisbane® is Australia's leading premium floor sealing specialist, restoring surfaces since 1997. Tile Cleaners Brisbane® are experts in performing all your quality stone restoration, floor sealing as well as minor stone repairs

modern bathroom with extra large porcelain tiles_that look like fake granite

Tile Cleaners Brisbane® Perform:

  • Stone Restoration
  • Stain Removal from Stone Floors and Countertops
  • Stone Cleaning
  • Repair chips, cracks, or scratches
  • Granite Sealing
  • Granite Polishing
  • Finish Granite Counters and Surfaces
  • And More!!

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